Crop Updates

Crop Update 8/30/17


The cabbage and green bean harvesting have been curtailed greatly by the dry weather in the area. We’ve had less than one inch of rain here in the last three weeks. The quality remains excellent on both items but there are short supplies.

Midsummer Corn

Sweet corn production has begun in Wisconsin and the crop is yielding well with outstanding quality in all three colors, BiColor, Yellow and White super sweet corn. We will have peak production available for the Labor Day holiday.

Green peppers have begun to be harvested along with Jalapenos with very good quality and below average pricing on both items.
The leafy greens harvest is finally in full bloom with heavy volume coming off the fields right now with great quality and very good pricing.
The leafy greens are some of our last items being planted and we will continue to plant in Wisconsin until right after Labor Day.
Overall the crops are doing well considering the rough and tumble weather cycles that we have gone through all summer.