Sweet corn production is high, as this sweet corn crop is one of the best that we have ever grown. Harvest will end this week as we move into Wisconsin corn.


Cabbage planting will end on August 11, with greens going until the 18th. Weather
conditions have turned for the better as we have been seasonally warm and on the dry side, almost time to start irrigating!

Greens Irrigation
Field Irrigation

Leafy Greens, cabbage and green bean harvesting has been curtailed greatly by the heavy rains the area sustained on July 10th through the 12th with almost 12″ of rain during these few days. The effects of that much water hurt yields for the whole month of August, but the quality of what survived is excellent.

Sweet corn production will begin around the 10th of August, and the crop is in great shape with very good yields anticipated.

Green peppers harvest will begin around the 10th of August as well. Quality looks very good, but crop size seems to be on the smaller side for the first crown pickings. The second and third picking should produce much heavier yield.

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