Crop Updates

Crop Update 5/17/17

Crops are in great shape both on quality and yield as the weather has been almost perfect in Georgia. Illinois and Wisconsin operations are under way.


Joe and Mike with sweet cornDue to very high temperatures the last two weeks, Greens are winding down quickly. Cabbage production is peaking, the quality has been very good and harvesting should continue for at least two more weeks. Sweet corn production will begin on Saturday, May 20th, quality looks excellent.



Our farm dodged major storms during the last three weeks and crops have recovered from the cold start. Harvesting is still on schedule to begin around the 15th of June.


Planting has finally begun in earnest during the week of the May 8th and all the crews are busy trying to get caught up from the late start due to heavy rains and very cold temperatures in southeast Wisconsin. Above average temperatures and ½ inch of rain a week should help with our goal of starting Greens harvest around the 15th of June and cabbage two weeks after that.

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