GEORGIACabbage Field

Crops are in great shape both on quality and yield as the weather has been almost perfect. We started harvesting Cabbage on April 20th and will continue until June 15th. Greens production is in full swing and will continue until June 5th. Sweet Corn harvest should start at the end of May.



We have been planting Cabbage, Green Beans and Corn. The weather has been seasonal and we are looking to start harvesting cabbage and green beans around June 15th . Planting of Sweet Corn and Green Beans will continue for another 3 weeks.


We started planting Green Cabbage and Greens on April 24th which is a typical start date. Rain is in the forecast for the next 5 days so we will encounter a planting gap right out of the gate. Based on these planting dates we should start harvesting Greens on June 4th and Cabbage right after the 4th of July.


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